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Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA)

Medical Assistants (CCMAs) are a vital part of clinical patient care. Because CCMAs are trained to perform so many different tasks, they are in great demand in the workforce.

Whether you want to work in a doctor’s office or a large hospital system, becoming a CCMA with NHA shows that you are knowledgeable and ready to be a valued member of a healthcare team.

As a CCMA, you may perform some or all of the following tasks:

  • Assist the physician during exams
  • Interview and educate patients
  • Measure and record vital signs
  • Administer injections

ATTENTION: Candidates taking the CCMA exam in the 4-6 weeks follow July 19, 2017

We anticipate a delay in immediate test results during the early launch of our new exam.

As with many new exam launches, a pilot scoring period of approximately 4-6 weeks will begin on July 19th. This will delay your scores and pass/fail results immediately following your exam, but after the pilot scoring period concludes exam results will be mailed directly to you at the address associated with your NHA account. However, you will receive proof of sitting for the exam if required by an employer. For more information regarding pilot scoring, visit the "About Development of NHA Exams" section of the Candidate Handbook on

Job postings for Medical Assistants grew 15 percent in 2014 after growing over 10 percent per year in 2012 and 2013. - from research conducted by Gray Associates

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